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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why should you cook with your kids?

Why should you?

First, your kid/s won’t be able to say “my mom/dad didn’t teach me how to cook”!

Also, Because your child/ren will…

* Learn real life skills
* Get a sense of accomplishment and feeling good about themselves
* Learn how to follow instructions and family rules (like washing hands before cooking, cleaning up, etc)
* Improve their organization skills
* Learn math – Introduce real-life math applications, addition, fractions, etc
* Practice spontaneous reading – what’s in the recipe, what is written on food packages, etc
* Learn to appreciate good food, establish good habits for the future
* Learn about food of other cultures

And above all, you get to spend quality family time. It is a wonderful bonding opportunity. Really, I'm not kidding. So, loosen up about having a spotless kitchen (I know it’s hard), and have fun! Play!

Tip: Do this when you are relaxed and have time, like during the weekend.

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