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Friday, July 25, 2008

A cake for the weekend: Cheesecake with streusel topping disaster

The best cooking advice I can give you today is: always, and I mean ALWAYS, place your cake pan inside a sheet pan before you bake it.

I love cheesecakes and I love a streusel topping. So I found a cookbook with a recipe that combines both. I was happy.

Then… while I was making the cake, I started to fear there is a possibility that the recipe is somewhat inaccurate when the amount of dough seemed to need a bigger size of tart pan… After placing the dough in a one inch larger pan, my suspicion proved to be right. (I used a tart pan 1’’ larger than the recipe calls for. )

Next step, making the filling.

After making the filling there was no doubt in my mind – there will be a disaster. The amount of filling was way too much for the size of the pan. The filling was higher than the pan sides and it had whipped egg whites so it was going to rise even more. Obviously, the filling was going to overflow. (And this is after using a pan one inch bigger than the recipe asks for).

That was the moment I knew there will be no pretty photo of the cake to show you today.
So I took a photo before baking it.

The recipe says to bake it for 30 minutes. It needed an extra 30 minutes! And looks just awful. All the filling spilled over. What a mess! At least it spilled into the baking sheet and not inside the oven. Am I smart or what?!

Don’t you just hate it when recipes don’t work?!

I guess my dessert today will be a big kiss to the chubby little baby.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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