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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baking with kids: Chocolate cookies

Bellevue school teachers are still on strike.
Since we have already had most of our adventures during August, baking cookies with my 5 years old seemed like a nice little project to pass the afternoon today.

Putting butter in mixer bowl:

Measuring flour:

What is a “teaspoon”?

Sifting dry ingredients:

Adding eggs to batter :

Measuring ¾ cup of chocolate chips:

Scooping the batter with cookie measuring spoon and placing on baking sheet. (I did most of the scooping. He likes to play with the spoon and release the batter on the baking sheet. )

Clean up time (OK, I did tell him he will get 2 quarters for sweeping the floor):

Baby gets training on how to clean the floor. She needs to learn this job too (for the future… :))

All done. That was fun.

Tip: when baking, or cooking, with kids, forget about perfectionism. Of course teach the child/ren how to do things, but bite your tongue when things don’t turn out the exact way you want them to be. For example, when the shape of the bread is not as perfect as it would have been if you did it… ha ha ha.

Have fun!

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Mer said...

I LOVE the way that you post photos of each step of the cookie making process.