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Monday, September 29, 2008

What's in your lunchbox?

First signs of fall…

and a few more signs…

and on the way to school, we pass through a little forest…

we see a little creek of water. (No, no salmon swimming here.)

Hard to believe we live in the suburbs, 15 minutes walk to Microsoft main campus. It is like a little adventure every morning. I cannot imagine what goes in a little boy’s head walking to school in such a path every morning.

My son started going to the public kindergarten a few weeks ago and every night we pack his lunchbox and he chooses what he wants to eat.
I use this little cooler that I have discovered in our garage.

I put some ice packs to keep the food in safe temperature.

I don’t have much experience with packing lunchboxes. Add to that your typical picky eater (OK, maybe not so typical because he is a little gourmand in a way), but still a choosy and opinionated 5-year-old, and you see how the menu is pretty limited.

So far we had luck with:
Whole wheat pita is a favorite (not so much luck with a bread sandwich) with: avocado, deli meat, sometimes cheese, hummus.
Yogurt, cheese ball/string, smoothie/milk, fresh fruit, baby carrots.
Rarely, I will put crackers or a fruit snack

So I ask you, all the parents out there – what is in your kid’s lunchbox?

Please offer suggestions.
Shoot me an e-mail, or better yet, post a comment just below…



Izzy's Mama said...

Just read your comment over at the Imperfect Parent..why can't your son have yogurt and fruit?

World Flavors said...

He can but not instead of what is being served for dinner.
It’s OK for lunch or a snack, but not when he is not touching what we have for dinner, or hardly eating anything, and then asking for fruit/yogurt, because we want him to eat what we do.

World Flavors said...

A new thing I just became aware of (due to my lack of experience) is that the kids don’t have a lot of time to eat, 10-15 minutes, including socializing with their friends during lunch. My son returns half his lunch almost every day.
So, to make thing easier for them, especially for young kids, open wraps and packaging at home in advance, peel/slice fruit, loosen up the smoothie/water bottle top, cheese string wrap, etc, to help them save time and not wrestle with the food instead of eating it.

Izzy's Mama said...

We have had similar issues. Not enough time for lunch. I have found that I can't pack more than two items or else much is wasted. Our lated issue is that lunch is served too early. My son is not hungry and only eats half. Then when he is hungry, he is told he can't eat. UGH