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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooking and most of the people I know…

I love to read and buy cookbooks and food magazines (it’s my addiction), kitchen equipment and tools (no more room in the kitchen cabinets), and browse through food websites and blogs (it takes a lot of my time). But most of the people I personally know don’t care about these things and I guess that most of the people out there don’t care much either. Why do I say that? Well, for starters, because a best-selling cookbook in the US where more than 300 million people live, according to Wikipedia sells only about 1 million copies (for example, click here). That’s all?

So, this is a sort of a mission statement for this blog, dedicated to the people who…

Don’t like to cook
Don’t know how to cook
Whether they like to cook or not, they would be happy if they didn’t have to cook at all
Are fantasizing about having a personal chef
See cooking as a burden or a chore (I confess, sometimes I do too)
Don’t care much about food beyond for their survival
Order pizza, take-out, or eat out more than three times a week
Have only salt, pepper and maybe dried oregano or cumin in their spice rack
Will never own a chef knife
Have no more than 1-3 cookbooks
Don’t glance at a food magazine when standing in line at the grocery store
Don’t aspire to make more than mixing yogurt with muesli for dinner (I have a friend like that)
Are singles or families too busy to cook every day (I know plenty of those)
… in general, don’t claim to have an obsession with food
(Did I forget to mention anyone?)

Well, this blog is for you.

I will only post here recipes that work, are easy, taste good, use basic ingredients and techniques (well, at least I’ll try, but if I won’t, I’ll show you how to do it), or in 2 words – Unthreatening , Delicious.

I hope I’ll make you cook more and love it too. OK, at least like it.

With love, Nurit

PS – 1 Family. Friendly. Food. is entering its fourth month of existence! Yay!
I got some good feedback from readers so far, but I would love to hear anything you want to say so I can do a better job. E-mail me: chef AT wflavors DOT com, or post a comment (you can comment anonymously if you prefer that).

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