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Friday, November 21, 2008

Enjoy Your Fat

“Enjoy your fat” and “Enjoy your meat on the bone” are the dedications Jennifer McLagan wrote for me in my copies of her cookbooks “Fat” and “Bones. And I say “Halleluyah” and of course I am also Very Happy about my two new cookbooks. However, I do need to buy a new bookcase. And by the way, this weekend’s cake is being baked in the oven right now. It is Apple, Cinnamon and Walnuts Cake from “The Book of New Israeli Food” and the aroma is driving me crazy. Oh, boy. And now back to “Fat”.

Photo copied from Kim Ricketts Book Events web site

So last night, at a beautiful loft on Capitol Hill, at a books event, we saw and heard Jennifer McLagan. Jennifer is a chef/food writer and the author of the James Beard award winning book, Bones, who came to town to share with us her new book, Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes. This awesome event was a collaboration of Kim Ricketts Book Events, Michael Hebb from One Pot, and Caffe Vita. We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait until they do their next books event. I highly recommend that you participate in it too.

With all the wine we drank, the dim lights, and the background music I’m not sure I captured all the right details, so I do apologize in advance for any error I make. And do correct me if you were there in a more clear-headed condition and know better.

We sat next to Tess and Ryan and across from Nicky and Chad. Tess, as it turned out, reads my blog and even cooked some of the recipes. That was a very cool experience for me as this was the first time I met someone who reads my blog who, until yesterday, was a complete stranger (unlike relatives, friends, or parents from my kids schools who read my blog). We had a great time talking with them about food, wine, and all kinds of other good stuff.

For dinner, we had:
Duck Rillettes (juicy shreds of meat held together by fat)
Dandelion Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing
Roasted Marrow Bones
and, Cassoulet

Not need to say it was heavenly.

For dessert we had amazing, and I can’t stress the word “amazing” enough to describe the wonderful Chocolate Truffles from Theo chocolate, made by Chad. The flavors: ginger, burnt sugar, and figs and fennel. Divine. I can’t choose which one was my favorite. I liked them all. A lot.
To end the meal, we had freshly brewed coffee by Caffé Vita.

What can I say? You want to be there at their next event.
I do.

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Cakespy said...

I sure do want to be at the next event! Awesome!