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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A few updates

1. Blog design.
You might have noticed some changes in the blog lately.
My husband (who I have appointed to be my admin helper, code writer, and blog promoter) and I are working together on the Look & Feel of the blog, trying to make it prettier. He is doing a great job playing with the template and moving things around as well as doing all kinds of stuff to attract more readers to stop by and read the posts.

I am very happy to see how in the past 3.5 months since I began writing, the number of subscribers and readers is increasing all the time. If you are into the numbers and statistics, read this post.

2. Poll results.
First, thank you for sharing your opinion by voting. It’s important to me to know that I add value to your reading and cooking time. There are so many cookbooks, food magazines and blogs out there and I would like to give you what you are looking for. I can do that if I know what you want/need.

40 people answered the poll’s question: What kind of recipe do you prefer?

1. Recipes with precise instructions – 52%
2. Recipes with general instructions – 42%
3. I don’t care. I don’t cook much. But if I did, I’d prefer recipes with precise instructions – 5%
4. I don’t care. I don’t cook much. But if I did, I’d prefer recipes with general instructions – 0%

I was a bit surprised by the results. Why? Because today most cookbooks tend to write recipes so detailed, trying to be so exact, that sometimes it takes me more time to read the recipe than do the actual cooking. Because this is the trend and main stream of current cookbooks, I was expecting more readers to vote for #1.

With 42% preferring recipes with general instructions and 56% looking for more accurate ones, the results are pretty close.

So I’ll tell you what’ll do. I’ll continue as I do now, giving more details when I think it’s important – like with a specific technique, and being more general when it’s not – like when using spices and seasoning (since everyone has a different taste). Sounds good?

Any feedback is welcome always (e-mail me or post a comment).

There is a new poll (see on the right side) – please vote for that one as well. Thanks.

3. Blogging for the Seattle P-I
I began blogging for the www.seattlepi.com newspaper as a reader blogger (for free, of course). Almost same posts as in 1 Family. Friendly. Food., with an added good feeling that my blog is being published in an online newspaper.
Click here if want to see it.

4. A reminder.
If you like this blog, tell others about it?!
If you don’t, write to me and tell me why?


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