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Monday, November 17, 2008

Warm Winter Herbal Tea

Making fresh herbal tea feels so refreshing and healthy. No need to use a tea bag, but you can if you insist. I love to use lemon verbena which has a delicate lemony scent and flavor and is one of my favorite herbs. I grow it in a pot in the back yard. It “dies” during winter (yeah, I know, when you need tea the most), but it comes back during spring. Then you can use it in ice creams and custards (more about that next spring).

In the photo you can see that I made the tea with a sprig of lemon verbena, a sprig of mint, and a thin slice of lemon. Added a teaspoon of raw sugar, and that’s it.
Sweetening the tea with honey is wonderful too. Don’t forget to serve with cookies or cake.

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