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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Food Love Link or This Week's Meal Plan

I follow many food blogs and plenty of times I find gorgeous food with beautiful photos that I really really want to try and make at home.
For this week I picked a few recipes, the Husband went grocery shopping with the Kiddies, and we’re going to have…

Organic Carrot Risotto from Foodie Tots

Roasted Cauliflower and Red Pepper Farro Salad from Closet Cooking. I never ate or cooked Farro. This will be interesting and new as well as Mushroom and Thyme Farro Salad.

I love clementine, so I plan to try the Clementine-Cranberry Bread from The Kitchen Sink

15-Minute Fried Herbed Chicken from NY Times Mark Bittman looks delicious.

Now I only need to find a new and exciting recipe for a cake for the weekend. Any suggestions?


Cakespy said...

Oh man, what great finds!! I love the carrot risotto. How creative! Nice roundup!

ChefBliss.com said...

Sounds like a great menu! I am making a chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting this weekend from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I will have to go see which book it is, but I made it 4 years ago for my 40th birthday, so I thought I would try it again this weekend to see if it's still as good! If you would like the recipe let me know!!

ChefBliss.com said...

Nice round-up too!!

j & j dish it out said...

I always see really yummy recipes on the internet and the photos are amazing. Closet Cooking especially. I need to be better about starting my week out right. Save my recipes online, print them out and then shop for them. It sounds like a lot of work but I know it will help me be and stay more organized!