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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Made Chai “Latte”

The sun is shining this morning. What a perfect light to take a photo. However, my throat feels a little like I swallowed a frog, so I really really wanted tea this morning and not my usual coffee. But I don’t have an espresso machine at home. My husband did buy me one for my birthday, but I had something else in mind that I wanted which I gave him big hints about, which he ignored. Can you guess what it was? Well, I’ll give you a hint. I had to buy it myself. And the espresso machine went back to the store. So anyway, back to the chai. I got a recipe for you.

I love chai latte. It’s my new addiction. Thanks to my friend L. who has introduced me to it a long time ago. But hers was from a coffee shop that starts with an “S” (no need to name names), so I wasn’t that impressed with the flavors. But I did get curious because she likes that drink so much. So I have tried it in other, better coffee shops, Seattle has many of those, and I got hooked.

Home Made Chai “Latte”
Makes 1 serving

1 big mug
One chai tea bag (I use Tazo decaf chai)
½ teaspoon (raw) sugar
½ teaspoon honey
Pinch (1/16 teaspoon) cinnamon
Pinch cardamom
½ cup boiling water
½ cup hot/warm milk

Put all the ingredients in the mug. Let tea bag swim in the mug for 5 minutes.
Take a sip.

More tea please, Warm Winter Herbal Tea

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Jessica said...

This is a great way to have a chai latte that has way less sugar than what you'd be getting at a cafe, especially that one that starts with S. If you like your tea strong, I'd recommend allowing the tea to steep in just the boiling water for the first two or three minutes, and then adding the rest of the ingredients. I don't find the tea steeps very well in the milk.