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Sunday, July 20, 2008

How to subscribe to my blog

A few people told me that they do not know how to subscribe to the blog.

Here is an easy explanation to those, like me, who are just learning how to do this blogging thing.

Step 1 - you click on a link. A new page opens. You only need to read what's in the yellow area at the top of the page. The blog is reffered to as a "feed".

Step 2 - click on the "subscribe to this feed" link.

Step 3 - a small window opens. Click the "Subscribe" button.

That's it!

(E-mail me if you have any problem with this process chef@wflavors.com)

1. Click here. You will see the following page:

2. Click on "subscribe to this feed".


3. Click on the "Subscribe" button in the window that opens.


If you want to read the feeds, you have several options:

* in your Outlook Inbox (under RSS Feeds)

* in the Browser (click the star button in Internet Explorer, then choose Feeds)

If you are among the smart ones who know all about blogs, you can use the other options on the right hand side of the blog to add this blog to your Google or Yahoo! homepage, or to a number of other Blog aggregation services, and you don't really need to read this post, right?

Good luck!


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