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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Easiest corn on the cob ever

We love corn.
We love corn so much that we make it for dinner 2-4 times a week during summer. (I know it is a carb-y food, but summer is short).
A few years ago, when I used to buy my produce at the local produce store, the owner once asked we if we have rabbits, because we bought a lot of it and very often.
Here’s an easy and quick recipe.

I remember that my grandma cooked her corn in a pot of water with the leaves on (husks) and it added a lot of flavor, unlike cooking them naked. But it took forever for the water to boil and the corn to cook. So, I microwave the corn on the cob with the leaves. I take some of the outer leaves and chop the tip of the ear off.
Microwave each ear of corn for 3-4 minutes. (3 minutes for small corn, 4 minutes for a large one). Take out of microwave and soak in cold water for a few minutes.
After microwave, grill corn to give it some fire flavor.
Serve with butter, or flavored compound butter (with garlic and/or herbs), grated cheese, sprinkle of spices, like paprika, cumin, etc.

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