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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cool tools: Baking must-haves

To my dear friends, family members, and readers who don’t bake,

Having the tools in the photo below will make baking so much easier, and much more successful, oh, yes, and a lot of fun too. That is the secret to a good cake. Kids like to play with those tools too (see here). The tools are not expensive and you can find them in any grocery store.

A few years ago when I didn’t own that set and wanted to bake I had to do a lot of guessing – what is exactly a “teaspoon” or a “cup”, and the cakes usually turned out not so good, if not a disaster. So, please meet:

Measuring spoons – for measuring salt, spices, vanilla extract, juice)
Measuring cups for dry ingredients – for measuring flour, sugar, cacao, etc
Measuring cup for liquids
Zester – for zesting the peel of citrus

Now try some of the baking recipes, have fun and play. And don’t discourage. Practice makes perfect, right?!

You might find this post interesting too: Cool tool: Tea infuser

Good luck!

Cake recipes:
Orange Hazelnut Honey Cake
Cocoa-Marzipan Pound Cake
Rose-orange cheesecake
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Crostata with Summer Fruit
Blueberry crumb cake

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